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Vampire hunter D complete by twisteddispair Vampire hunter D complete :icontwisteddispair:twisteddispair 1 0 Complete by twisteddispair Complete :icontwisteddispair:twisteddispair 0 0 Skygrasper image 2 by twisteddispair Skygrasper image 2 :icontwisteddispair:twisteddispair 0 0 sky grasper 1/144 scale by twisteddispair sky grasper 1/144 scale :icontwisteddispair:twisteddispair 0 0 Rukia - Start by twisteddispair Rukia - Start :icontwisteddispair:twisteddispair 0 0 Dsp by twisteddispair Dsp :icontwisteddispair:twisteddispair 0 0
Fools errand
Bid me live, and i live,
Bid me die and i will die,
your love, your life controls my being,
as if waking from a dream, i jolt,
icy claws raking down my spine,
the realisation that your gone,
waking moments pass to memory,
but memory cannot pass the test of time,
fading is your face,
Haunted, your deep dark hair,
Dark green jaded eyes,
red lips, a fatal attraction,
so bid me die, and end my life,
or bid me live, and free my soul,
im yours forever.
:icontwisteddispair:twisteddispair 0 0
Fool in words
staring at the darkness above,
she sits in quite contemplation,
her fate sealed, and delivered.
twisting shapes contort around her,
shrouding her in darkness,
screaming she succumbs to silence,
Pain wracks her like a thousand needles
Ripping at her flesh, rending her to pieces.
A rush of breath, her body limp,
Yet in the cold lifeless eyes, warmth stirs,
Breaking the darkness that flees like a hundred rooks,
Her colours, exposed to the sea of life,
Bright, unwavering, she is dead,
But in death, she is alive.
:icontwisteddispair:twisteddispair 1 1
Beautiful artist, creating colours,
why do you paint so bold?
is it your mind sees things we cant.
do you appreciate the unseen and unheard?
where do your ideas come from?
a dark sence of forboding.
once a defender of liberty, an example of good in this world,
have you lost your will, or have you had it amplified by the wrong in this world?
you are a great friend, tho met we have not,
someone who if i need it, will offer advice,
you survived dark times,
is it this that allows you to see so many colours?
i believe that once in the dark, you see the light from a brighte angle.
a misguided sence of right and wrong you dont have.
so inspired. talented.
so right. so intelligent.
but always a friend.
:icontwisteddispair:twisteddispair 0 0
Too late
A single tear rolls down his face,
Falling to his knees he weeps,
Silently into the light.
A celestial blade, pierces even the darkest heart.
She was everything to him,
But he had squandered his rights.
Taken during the first light of the new year,
Malevolence took her,
Punishment for all the promises and dreams broken.
Scattered across his now empty house,
Remnants of a bright future,
On the floor like broken glass,
His crimes, too numerous to mention,
His victims haunt his dreams.
Relentless until death releases his spirit to darkness,
A clenched fist beating off a steel door,
Smeared blood across his face,
Standing in the doorway of his enemy,
Unaware its too late,
Clutching to the hope she is alive,
Faster, faster, he begs his legs,
Doors left ajar reveal different horrors,
Inhumane acts of degradation and perversion…
His love strapped to a chair, gagged,
In a pool of stagnant blood,
Her blonde hair, matted,
Her blue eyes - lifeless.
To live a life and loose it in a day is a t
:icontwisteddispair:twisteddispair 1 3
Its cold where I am now,
So lonely, so desolate,
A place so dark,
I promised you the world and delivered broken promises and shattered dreams,
No self worth, I am not a man,
The love I felt is fading, the blame of a lifetime I place on you.
Rage, burning brighter and fierce,
Powerful and overcoming the calm.
Screaming voices beg me stop,
Fists clenched,
Sweat dripping,
The heartbeat slows to a thumping in my ears,
Remorse floods my senses making me numb to what I have done,
Pushed back to the innermost reaches,
Its cold here,
Need to be warm.
Friends and family flood your life,
Drowning in seas of pity and loathing.
Destroyed by your presence,
The fading light of the day reminds me of what I had.
A life,
A lover,
A friend.
An enemy.
:icontwisteddispair:twisteddispair 0 1
All i have suffered
Staring into the flame of my soul,
I vow to get even vow to get back,
Everything you said burns into my flesh driving me,
To vengeance.
Charging into battle, I scream,
Fighting the daemons of my past to prove I am strong.
Destroying the darkness in my soul,
Ridding myself of you,
Your putrid acidic words you poured into my ear as I slept,
Corrode my soul and tarnish my nature,
Twisting and bending me until im distorted and cracked,
Your blood will spill tonight.
Crying into the darkness,
My soul is cast aside, broken in two.
Unleash my fury, feel my wrath,
I will kill you tonight.
My eternal suffering is yours to enjoy,
But my revenge will be swift and painful.
:icontwisteddispair:twisteddispair 1 5
FEAR by twisteddispair FEAR :icontwisteddispair:twisteddispair 3 0
Twisted Dispair is back
Im back and that's the truth,
too long have i sat in the shadows,
in the murky waters of my mind,
alone with all my fears and prejudices,
in a world so cold and unforgiving,
denying my one release,
building the dark thoughts so i can cry once more,
im back.
distorting images in my head, crying for their release,
twisted thoughts mirror my own dark intentions,
i am back.
i was once dead inside, and now I am alive,
Nothing heard for nearly 2 years,
I AM BACK and this time I am staying.
:icontwisteddispair:twisteddispair 0 5
Bahamut-complete copper emboss by twisteddispair Bahamut-complete copper emboss :icontwisteddispair:twisteddispair 1 10
Vengence is forever
Dying by the hand I swore to protect,
Betrayal seeping from every gash,
Rocked to the core my body withers and dies,
Lying in the dark of my resting place I feel new life,
Physical gone, spiritually empowered,
A lust for revenge equal to my lust for life.
Morality knows no bounds in today's evil world,
Debauchery and wrong doings are rife,
But mark my words I appear in your dreams,
Always in the corner of your eye, the heat on the back of your neck,
The constant feeling of forgetfulness, I will always be in your mind,
Behind your back, in the corner of your soul
My justice will to be forever bound to you with malice and contempt.
No escape… even in death.
:icontwisteddispair:twisteddispair 1 6



twisteddispair's Profile Picture
Ewan Hillary
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Originally started this account as a way of venting, imagine if you will a 20 something kid, angry all the time.

That kid was me, Now i am 32, A parent of a wonderful six year old daughter, at the time I created this profile, i had just met her mother, sadly, we seperated about five years ago.

I now live back in livingston, not my birth place but what i would consider my home town, In scotland - I have a decent job working as a civil servant (government sector) and I build GUNPLA models, I will not only en-devour to work on my digital art, but also post photographs of the models I make.

I just want to have Fun! :D
Seems like only yesterday i was saying goodbye to the Dev art groups and friends I made, Some of which i have known the past 8 years and though live so far away have become part of my life.

I decided the other week to delete all my old work and start fresh with new stuff.. However i cannot bring myself to remove the work i have already added. Mainly because.. it was part of me way back then. I have lost my touch, So wish to re-invent myself as a digital artist, Starting with what i know best.. Vector.

I want to get to a stage where i can sit at a computer.. or tablet and knock up the basis of a decent image without the need to trace.

I just lack inspiration, which did come in the form of a saying - Free yourself.

A spark went in my head and i will think carefully about expanding the idea of freeing yourself with words and art.


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not bad hunni just busy working away, gonna be starting my vector art again so needing to get some good pics, :D im gonna try vectoring the lich king from wow. :D been obsessed playing my DK :D its a shame that we cant play on the same servers if u play that is! :D :Love:
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